Pest Control Services
Aggressive Pest Management’s service is based on the principle of Integrated Pest Management
. We utilize an IPM program to control existing pest infestations and help protect you and your
family from future invasions. Emphasis is placed on thorough inspections, pest identification, sanitation,
and ongoing communication with the customer to identify and eliminate conditions conducive to
supporting pest populations. Our primary goal is to control pests by focusing on preventive maintenance
without adversely affecting our customer's environment.  In order to achieve this goal, we utilize the most
effective materials available and properly use all pesticide materials according to product labels.  These
pest control procedures allow us to provide our customers with a pest free environment while addressing
concerns of possible exposure to young children and pets.

After a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home we begin a treatment program based
on IPM that best suits your situation.
Our treatment program includes some of the following steps to achieve a pest free environment:

  • Removal of spider webs on the exterior of your home or office that are accessible and within reach

  • Application of a granular product around the exterior foundation, attic and crawlspace areas to
    minimize and prevent pests from entering your home of office

  • Application of baits in concealed areas of your home

  • Treatment to cracks and crevices of you home or office using an odorless, residue free insecticide

  • Treatment to any other areas to eliminate any interior pest infestations

  • Provide a comprehensive treatment report upon completion of service indicating pests treated,
    material usage and any additional preventive treatment tips.                                              
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Pest Management

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Ants • Fleas • Mice • Rats • Spiders (Brown-Recluse & Black Widow)
Stored Products Pests • Fabric Pests • Ticks • Cockroaches • Crickets
Silverfish • Earwigs • Pill bugs • Sow bugs • Millipedes
Centipedes • Scorpions
 • Other Creepy Pests

Ultimately, our goal is to provide a high level of service you can trust and to
guarantee your complete satisfaction with our company.